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NOW OPEN!! - Dallas Women Cricket League Team Registrations

NOW OPEN!! - Dallas Women Cricket League Team Registrations

Ladies & Gentlemen,

DWCL - Dallas Women Cricket League had a wonderful start on 6/23/2013. Women Cricket enthusiasts played the game with truly amazing team spirits.

With this zeal in air, I am very excited to announce that if we are quick enough on registrations, we can still accommodate 2 more teams and will keep the registrations open for players / teams interested to register as a team. Please click here to register. If you are a player and do not have a team - please reach out to Anuprita Malik at anuprita13@gmail.com so that we can keep in touch with you in case we need more players for upcoming teams.

Again, league has already begun:
Start date: 6/23/2013
End date: 8/25/2013
* All matches (12 overs per inning) would be held Sunday evenings only from 6:30pm to 8:45pm.

Just so you know, we have an option of mentioning your dates of unavailability just in case you are not available on all weekends during the league.

Go ahead and share this announcement with your friends and family: Click here for Facebook page

Join us for fun filled Sunday evening - helps fighting Monday blues & of-course Fri-Sat plans remain intact!!

DWCL web page: www.dallaswomenscricket.com

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