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Dallas Women's Cricket

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7/13/2017DWCL Fall League 2017
2/5/2016DWCL Indoor Cricket Training 2016 Schedule
2/5/2016DWCL Spring League 2016 Schedule
12/14/2015Chennai Relief Funds Total Amount and List of Donors
12/11/2015Chennai Relief Funds Tournament Complete Schedule
9/3/2015DWCL Fall 2015 Flyer FunAsia Excluvise Media Partner
9/2/2015Law 24.5 - No-ball - Foot-faults
9/2/2015DWCL Fall 2015 Registration Open !!!
4/3/2015DWCL Spring 2015 Cricket League Teams Announced (See Details)
3/9/2015DWCL Spring 2015 Cricket League
3/2/2015Download VoxWaves App developed by ThemeSoft
1/23/2014Meeting Minutes for the Dallas Womens Training Program
1/23/2014Expense / Schedule for the Training program
1/21/2014Conference Call to discuss the Womens T20 Tournament in Atlanta
1/19/2014DWCL List of Trophies for Fall 2013
1/17/2014 T-20 Cricket Tournament - Atlanta Women Cricket Invites DWCL
1/13/2014Atlanta T 20 Conference Call Summary
10/4/2013Start Time Changed for remaining DWCL Fall games (See Details)
9/28/2013(Update) Saturday 9/28/2013 game is Officially Cancelled (See Details) (Posted at 9/28/2013 2:57 pm)
9/10/2013Following are the Fall 2013 team details:
8/26/2013DWCL Summer 2013 Presentation Ceremony (Videos on YouTube)
8/22/2013DWCL List of Trophies for Summer 2013
8/15/2013Womens Fall 2013 Cricket League Registration Open
8/6/2013Start Time Changed for remaining DWCL Summer games (See Details)
7/14/2013Sunday womens game is Cancelled (See Details) (Posted at 7/14/2013 1:44 pm)
6/27/2013Womens Teams Announced (Chak De Dallas and Royal Smashers)
6/24/2013NOW OPEN!! - Dallas Women Cricket League Team Registrations
6/22/2013The official handbook / Rule Book for women’s cricket players, officials, administrators
6/21/2013Offical Dallas Womens Cricket League Facebook Group
6/13/2013Teams Dallas Queens and Royals Smashers
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